Our Leadership


We are a 100-year old organization that believes the only way to continue to prosper is to maintain our tradition of excellence and be a highly valuable partner to both our members and our contractors.

ISPTA President, Kent L. Prosser

ISPTA Financial Secretary/Treasurer, Matt Ley

ISPTA Executive Director, Darrek Davis

Lead Organizer, Brian Moreno


United Association Special Representative, Robbie Johnson

ISPTA President and Business Manager of Local 440, Don Bough

ISPTA President & Business Manager of Local 166, Kent L. Prosser

ISPTA Executive Director, Darrek Davis

Business Manager Local 136, John Bates

Business Manager Local 157, Mark Swaner

Business Manager Local 172, Kurt Meade

Business Manager Local 210, Salvador Espino

Business Manager Local 281, Thomas Collins

Business Manager Local 392, Bill Froehle

Business Manager Local 502, Anthony “Scott” Lewis

Business Manager Local 597, Kevin Morrissey

Business Representative Local 597, Dennis Hahney

ISPTA Secretary/Treasurer and Business Agent of District 29 of Local 669, Matt Ley


Our Staff:

Kent Prosser


Kent L. Prosser, President




Matt Ley cropped    Matthew J. Ley, Financial Secretary/Treasurer


Darrek Davis Exec Director Final Pic   Darrek Davis, Executive Director



Brian Moreno_2015Convention resized




Brian Moreno, Lead Organizer/Recruiter



Duane Harty_2015Convention revised (532x800) (532x800)




Duane Harty, Organizer/Recruiter



Greg Pierle, Organizer/Recruiter

Steve Shaffer, Organizer/Recruiter

Ira Fox, Organizer/Recruiter

John Seed, Organizer/Recruiter

Tammy Lahrman, Office Manager