Indiana State Pipe Trades Association

Working people around the world are united by the dignity of work.

Through union apprenticeship programs, individuals gain life-changing skills to do high quality work and get solid, middle-class jobs – often in new industries with cutting edge green technology.  By partnering with employers who are willing to work together to share the benefits as well as the costs, we spearhead collaborations that lead to improved job satisfaction for workers, high productivity for employers and a top notch, skilled workforce that ensures the quality and innovation essential for competing in a global economy.

Protecting the rights of every Worker

The Indiana State Pipe Trades is a part of the United Association and its local unions work to provide members a fair wage and safe working conditions, process grievances, and protect members from unjust and injurious competition. All local unions have training facilities, health and welfare plans, and pension plans. We provide training for both apprentices and journeymen, making UA craftsmen the very best.

Indiana State Pipe Trades Association
Indiana State Pipe Trades Association

Expand your business and opportunities.

This is where the client services of our Local Unions start. We provide you with top supervisors, superior training programs, 48-hour turnaround for staffing up or down, and outstanding craftsmen.  When you partner with our organization, your current employees will be able to take advantage of our training programs, such as welding and supervision training.

Become a Member of a Proud Industry

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